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2022 Next Level Basketball Season - San Mateo

Join us for our 8th season of Next Level Basketball in San Mateo at Serra and Aragon High Schools! General Registration is now open for any and all participants.

For more information and a general overview of our specific Next Level Basketball location in San Mateo, please review the information below prior to registration!

League Operations

  1. Season Operations: The Next Level Basketball season in San Mateo at Serra High School and Aragon High School will run from August through late October with 9 program dates over the program schedule.
  2. Game Dates: All games are on Sundays - check the schedule below for details!
  3. Grade Based Organization: Next Level is a grade-based organization, players play in their designated grade level.
  4. Practices/Game Schedule: All practices and games are on the SAME DAY - parents need only allocate a 2-hour window of availability each week for their child's involvement in the program. Practice hours take place immediately prior to a participant's scheduled game time.
  5. Game Play: Each Next Level game is 5 versus 5, with no backcourt pressure as the defense is picked up after mid-court.
  6. Student Mentor Coaches: All teams are assigned a High School (or local area high school) student-athlete as a Head Coach/Mentor. Parent volunteers are to ASSIST our student-athletes and ENABLE them in their role as the head coach of their respective team(s). The interactions and expectations of the Student Coach and Parent Volunteer Coaches are governed within the Next Level Rule Book.
  7. Team Roster Size: Teams are comprised of 10 players maximum, limited exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Season Fees: $315.00: Fees are inclusive of a participant's custom jersey, shorts and other equipment/offerings.
  9. Uniform Delivery: All season uniforms will be shipped to a participant's home (or provided shipping address). Delivery will occur via USPS and a valid USPS delivery location is required. Participants must keep their shipping addresses up to date for proper delivery. Replacement uniforms will be at the cost of the participant should inaccurate addresses be provided at the time of production.
  10. Optional Player Pack: During registration, participants have the option to purchase an additional 'Player Pack' during check out. The Player Pack option will be added to their base league fees for the 2022 season during checkout. Items will be shipped directly to the home along with a player's uniform. Sizing verification will be sent during late summer via email, prior to production and shipping!
    • Base Player Pack - Basketball: $40.00 - Nike Team Shooting Shirt (long sleeve Dri-Fit) in matching team color way with team logo, featuring the player's last name on the back of the shirt.
    • Pro Player Pack - Basketball: $55.00 - The Pro Pack contains our Player Exclusive Next Level Basketball Hoodie from Nike.
    • Compression Pack - Basketball: $60.00 - Badger Short Sleeve Compression Shirt & one pair of 3/4 Badger Compression Pant.
    • Baller Player Pack - Basketball: $145.00 - The Baller pack has it all - Nike Team Shooting Shirt, Exclusive Next Level Basketball Hoodie, Badger Short Sleeve Compression Shirt, one pair of 3/4 Badger Compression Pant (white). BALL OUT THIS SEASON!

Practice & Game Times

UPDATED SCHEDULE: Schedules with an asterisk will rotate between the two time slots week to week.

Aragon High School

  • Kindergarten - 9:30 AM Practice/10:00 AM Game or 10:30 AM Practice/11:00 AM Game*
  • 1st Grade - 11:00 AM Practice/12:00 PM Game or 12:00 PM Practice/1:00 PM Game*
  • 1st Grade Central - 1:00 PM Practice/2:00 PM Game
  • 2nd Grade - 2:00 PM Practice/3:00 PM Game or 3:00 PM Practice/4:00 PM Game*
  • 2nd Grade Central - 4:00 PM Practice/5:00 PM Game

San Mateo High School

3rd and 6th Grades have moved from Aragon High School to San Mateo High School and the times have shifted slightly.

  • 3rd Grade North - 1:30 PM Practice/2:30 PM Game or 2:30 PM Practice/3:30 PM Game*
  • 3rd Grade South - 3:30 PM Practice/4:30 PM Game or 4:30 PM Practice/5:30 PM Game*
  • 6th Grade - 5:30 PM Practice/6:30 PM Game or 6:30 PM Practice/7:30 PM Game*

Serra High School

  • 4th Grade - 10:00 AM Practice/11:00 AM Game or 11:00 AM Practice/12:00 PM Game *
  • 4th Grade Central - 12:00 PM Practice/1:00 PM Game
  • 5th Grade North - 1:00 PM Practice/2:00 PM Game or 2:00 PM Practice/3:00 PM Game *
  • 5th Grade South - 2:00 PM Practice/3:00 PM Game or 3:00 PM Practice/4:00 PM Game *
  • 7th/8th Grade - 4:00 PM Practice/5:00 PM Game

Division Times are final.

Game Schedule

Week 1Sunday, August 28th
Week 2Sunday, September 11th
Week 3Sunday, September 18th
Week 4Sunday, September 25th
Week 5Sunday, October 2nd
Week 6Sunday, October 9th
Week 7Sunday, October 16th
Week 8Sunday, October 23rd (Playoffs Round 1)
Week 9Sunday, October 30th (Championship Weekend)

Note: All teams will play games through the entire 9-week program schedule regardless of their seeding in the Playoff Weeks.

General Program Operation and Additional Information

Review the general program operations, program information and philosophies of the Next Level basketball program - CLICK HERE

Site Director: Brian Carson & Jon Ramirez

Jon Ramirez has been part of Next Level as the Hillsdale Site Director for the last five years. He has been the Associate Head Coach for the Hillsdale Varsity Basketball team for the last six years. Jon has played basketball at all levels- graduating from Hillsdale in 2000 and playing at Canada College before transferring to San Francisco State.

Brian Carson is currently the Strength & Conditioning Coach and Assistant Basketball Coach at Junipero Serra High School. Brian is going on his 16th year at Serra and coming off a basketball season as the Head Coach. Sending players to the "Next Level" along with successful teams has been a huge part of Serra BB2022- but the brotherhood, life lesson and friendships are what he is most proud of. As a player, Brian had the opportunity to play for legendary coaches such as Mike Carson (OLA/BIS), Doc Scheplar (Burlingame High), Mike LeGarza (Canada College), Jerry Tarkanian (Fresno State), Pat Fuscaldo (Sonoma State) and Ron Dubois (Chico Force).

Registration Information

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There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

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