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Next Level Flag Football - West Portland @ Liberty High School

Next Level Flag Football Program

2019 Next Level Flag Football Season - West Portland @ Liberty High School

$185.00 Introductory 'Early Bird' Registration through March 1st!  

Welcome to the inaugural season of Next Level Flag Football at Liberty High School with Coach Eric Mahlum, the Liberty Football Staff and Student-Athletes!

Registration for the 2019 Next Level Flag Football season is now open - please take advantage of our Early Bird pricing! Registration fees will increase on March 1st with the season set to kick off on Sunday, March 17th at Liberty High School.

For more information and a general overview of our specific Next Level Flag Football location at Liberty High School in Hillsboro, please review the information below prior to registration! But first, make sure you check out the action below to catch a glimpse of the BEST YOUTH SPORTS EXPERIENCE around!

General Overview of League Operations

  1. Season Operations: The Next Level season for Liberty High School will run from mid-March through mid-May with a '9 game events' over a 7 week program schedule. 
  2. All games are on SUNDAYS, no exceptions.
  3. Grade Based Organization: Next Level is a grade-based organization, players play in their designated grade level.
  4. Practices/Game Schedule: All practices and games are on the SAME DAY - parents need only allocate a 2-hour window of availability each week for their child's involvement in the program. Practice hours take place immediately prior to a participant's scheduled game time.
  5. Game Play: Each Next Level game is 5 versus 5 in a non-contact environment. Field length is 40-yard long - up to 4 games operate simultaneously on the same regulation football field.
  6. Student Mentor Coaches: All teams are assigned a Liberty High School (or local area high school) student-athlete as a Head Coach/Mentor. Parent volunteers are to ASSIST our student-athletes and ENABLE them in their role as the head coach of their respective team(s). The interactions and expectations of the Student Coach and Parent Volunteer Coaches are governed within the Next Level Rule Book.
  7. Team Roster Size: Teams are comprised of 10 players maximum, limited exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Season Fees: $185.00 Early Bird Pricing. Fees will increase on March 1st to regular pricing of $205.00 plus expedited uniform delivery fees.. Fees are inclusive of a participant's custom jersey, shorts, use of flags, and other equipment/offerings.
  9. Uniform Delivery: All season uniforms will be shipped to a participant's home (or provided shipping address). Delivery will occur via USPS and a valid USPS delivery location is required. Participants must keep their shipping addresses up to date for proper delivery. Replacement uniforms will be at the cost of the participant should inaccurate addresses be provided at the time of production.
  10. Optional Player Pack: During registration, participants have the option to purchase an additional 'Player Pack' which will feature a Nike Long Sleeve Dri-Fit shirt in base gray color with matching team color way logo featuring our 'Savage' Team text. All shirts will also feature the participants last name printed on the back. Player Pack items are an additional fee of $35.00 and will ship with participant's uniforms directly to the home!

Site Logistics & Schedule

Practices and games will be played under all conditions unless noted otherwise due to extreme weather or other issues. Games are played in the rain unless in extreme cases. Lightening and/or other extreme whether will result in cancellation of game activity on any given date. Throughout the season, any changes to the 2019 Season Schedule will be made with appropriate lead time yet our aim is to maintain a consistent and predictable schedule for all grade levels and subsequent teams.

Preliminary practice and game times for the 2019 season are listed below - NOTE THAT THESE TIMES ARE NOT FINAL. Final scheduling for the season will occur in early March (or earlier!). All final schedules will be posted and announced when finalized. Any final shift in practice/game times per that below will likely be a shift by one hour either earlier or later per the grade schedule below.

Practice & Game Times: 2019 Season Schedule

  • Kindergarten/1st Grade - 12:00 noon Practice/1:00 p.m. Game
  • 2nd Grade - 12:00 noon Practice/1:00 p.m. Game
  • 3rd Grade - 1:00 p.m. Practice/2:00 p.m. Game
  • 4th Grade - 2:00 p.m. Practice/3:00 p.m. Game
  • 5th Grade - 3:00 p.m. Practice/4:00 p.m. Game
  • 6th Grade - 3:00 p.m. Practice/4:00 p.m. Game 

Game Schedule: 2019 Season Schedule - 9 Game Dates

Game 1 Sunday, March 17th (Scrimmage Week)
Game 2 Sunday, March 31st
Game 3 Sunday, April 7th
Game 4 Sunday, April 14th 
Game 5/6 Sunday, April 28th (Double Header Sunday)
Game 7 Sunday, May 5th
Game 8/9 Sunday, May 17th (Double Header Playoffs)

Note: No game activity during Spring Break weekend of Sunday, March 24th, Easter Sunday (April 21st) or Mother's Day weekend. All teams will have a double header game event on April 28th and May 17th.

Additional Information: Next Level Flag Football Program

The Next Level Winter Flag Football program seeks to foster an environment to teach and instruct the principles and techniques of flag football in a safe environment. We encourage all prospective participants to enter at their comfort level and grow their individual skills at their own pace throughout the season. Both male and female participants are welcome! All teams will have student-athlete assigned as the head coach of their team. An adult volunteer will support the student as an assistant coach within the program. Student Coaches will be responsible to be the Offensive Play Caller for their team while any Adult Volunteer Coach will be enable to manage the Defense Play Calls and assist the Student Coach with rotations from the sideline.

For our parents, we seek to keep your weekends free of tangled schedules - team practice times will occur on the same day as your games, always one hour prior to game time. Practices scheduled outside of this time period (during any day other than game-day) are at the discretion of both the parents and the coaches yet are outside of the Next Level structure and not supported by Next Level.

  • No prior flag football experience is required to participant in the Next Level Flag Football Program.
  • All flag football equipment will be provided.
  • It is suggested that all players wear cleats or athletic shoes.
  • Uniforms are included in the league registration fees, inclusive of USPS delivery (note: additional fees apply to registrants after March 1st).
  • Our program is community-based, teams are formalized by schoolmates, buddy lists and friends where possible.
  • All teams will be assigned a Student Mentor Coach from a represented area high school.

We strive to strike an ideal balance between healthy competition and player/character development. Next Level is always a 'one trophy' league as we believe that recognition for participation is not an effectively means of helping develop young athletes. In fact, we believe that many of life's best lessons are learned through struggle, achievement, success and of course disappointment. We strive to foster competition yet to also find balance in the ever-changing world of youth sports.

Site Director: Eric Mahlum - Head Coach, Liberty High School

Coach Mahlum is a former NFL player who spent four seasons with the Indianapolis Colts. Prior to his time in the NFL, Coach Mahlum was a 3 -year starter for the California Golden Bears where he earned All-Pac 12 Honors. When Liberty High School opened in 2003, Coach Mahlum joined the school as an assistant football coach. In 2005 he earned his Masters in Teaching and became a full-time teacher at Liberty. In 2008 Coach Mahlum took over as the head football coach of the Liberty Falcons. This past season, Coach Mahlum led the Falcons to a Pacific Conference Championship and the Quarterfinals of the 6A State Playoffs. This was the third quarterfinals appearance for the Falcons in the past 5 years (the first two coming in the 5A State Playoffs).

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