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Next Level Volleyball - Program Overview

Next Level Volleyball - Program Overview:

The 2024 season of Next Level Volleyball will be our most exciting season yet, with programs running at 11 locations. Entering our 7th season in Belmont at Notre Dame High School, and our 6th season in Danville at Monte Vista High School, we are excited to bring the action to Modesto, Moraga, San Francisco and San Rafael this year. Next Level Volleyball now operates on the campuses of high schools, community colleges and universities throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

The Next Level Volleyball program is offered to participants from 3rd through 8th grade.

Student-coaches will engage with players through introductory development of all skills and volleyball positions. The program is instructional-based but will contain head-to-head game activity as a secondary focus. Current Next Level Volleyball programs are listed below under our 2024 Site Location Listing. To view our league operations at a location near you - simply follow the links below!

Site Locations - 2024 Season:

Summer Programs - 2024:

Advanced Programs - Spring 2024:

Winter Programs - January 2024:

Northern California Locations:

Texas Locations:

Season Operations - Next Level Volleyball:

1. Next Level Volleyball Season: The Next Level Volleyball Season will operate with up to 8 program dates over the program schedule. Locations will vary based on several factors including facility availability, staff availability, and otherwise. Please review your site-specific schedule for details (see above).

2. Grade-Based Organization: Next Level is a grade-based organization, players play in their designated grade level. We do not allow participants to 'play down' by any grade level.

3. Game Dates: All games/activities are on the SAME DAY. Training/games are on the same day - parents need only allocate up to a 1.5-hour window of availability for their child's involvement. (We don't believe in specialization, but we believe in having FUN and being competitive!)

4. Team Roster Size: Teams are 10 players maximum, limited exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

5. Student-Coaches: All teams will be coached with the assistance of a local school student-athlete involved in the game. Site directors will oversee week to week instructional planning and delivery of skill specific instruction to enable student-athletes in their role as the Head Coach of their respective team.

6. Uniform Delivery: All season uniforms will be shipped to a participant's home (or provided shipping address). Delivery of season uniforms will occur via USPS - all participants are required to provide a valid USPS delivery location. Participants must keep their shipping addresses up-to-date for ensure proper delivery during the season. Replacement uniforms will be at the cost of the participant should inaccurate address information be provided at the time of uniform production.

7. Player Pack Delivery: All Player Packs will be delivered along with the participant's Next Level Volleyball uniform. Size verification emails will be sent to each participant prior to production of the season uniform and additional Player Pack items.

Additional Program Information:

The Next Level Girls Volleyball program has been developed to provide aspiring volleyball players an opportunity to learn the basic skills and functions of competitive volleyball - at an introductory yet competitive level. Our program is aimed at the youth athlete who has 'some-to-none' exposure/experience with the game of volleyball yet would like to develop the core skills required to participate at a higher level in the future (club, middle school, high school). Our site directors are current high school/club-level volleyball coaches who have taught the game to a wide variety of age groups - both at the more casual level as well as the elite club and elite high school levels. As traditional within Next Level, all teams will be coached with the assistance of a high school student-athlete involved within the game. For our parents, we seek to keep your weekends free of tangled schedules. All Next Level Volleyball program activities will occur at the same time and same day from week to week of our program.

  • No prior volleyball experience is required to participate in the Next Level Volleyball Program.
  • It is suggested that all players wear proper athletic shoes and knee pads.
  • All other equipment will be provided.
  • Uniforms are included in the league registration fees, inclusive of home delivery of your uniform.
  • Our program is community-based, teams are formalized by schoolmates, buddy lists, and friends where possible.

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