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Next Level Basketball - Program Overview

Next Level Basketball - Program Overview:

The 2024 season of Next Level Basketball will be our 13th season with over 25+ locations.

The Next Level Basketball program is offered to all participants from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Current Next Level Basketball programs are listed below under our 2024 Site Location Listing. To view our league operations at a location near you - simply follow the links below!

Site Locations - 2024 Spring Season:

Site Locations - 2024 Fall Season:


North Bay Locations:

East Bay Locations:

Peninsula/SF Locations:

South Bay Locations:

Monterey Locations:

Central Valley Locations:

Sacramento Region Locations:


Season Operations - Next Level Basketball:

1. Next Level Basketball Season: The Next Level Basketball season will operate with up to 10 program dates over the program schedule. Locations will vary based on several factors including facility availability, staff availability and otherwise. Please review your site-specific schedule for details (see above).

2. Grade Based Organization: Next Level is a grade-based organization, players play in their designated grade level. We do not allow participants to 'play down' by any grade level.

3. Practice/Game Schedule: Team practice times will occur on the same day as your games, always one hour prior to game time - parents need only allocate a 2-hour window of availability each week for their child's involvement in the program. Practice hours take place immediately prior to a participant's scheduled game time.

4. Game Play: Each Next Level game is 5 versus 5 (unless otherwise noted for the program).

5. Student-Athletes/Mentor Coaches: All teams are assigned a local-area high school (or represented college) student-athlete as Head Coach/Mentor to their respective team. Parent volunteers are to ASSIST our student-athletes and ENABLE them in their role as the Head Coach of their respective team(s). The interactions and expectations of the Student Coach and Parent Volunteer Coaches are governed within the Next Level Rule Book.

5. Uniform Delivery: All season uniforms will be shipped to a participant's home (or provide shipping address). Delivery of season uniforms will occur via USPS - all participants are required to provide a valid USPS delivery location. Participants must keep their shipping addresses up-to-date for ensure proper delivery during the season. Replacement uniforms will be at the cost of the participant should inaccurate address information be provided at the time of uniform production.

6. Player Pack Delivery: All Player Packs will be delivered along with the participant's Next Level Basketball uniform. Size verification emails will be sent to each participant prior to production of the season uniform and additional Player Pack items.

Additional Program Information:

The Next Level Basketball program seeks to foster an environment to teach and instruct the principles and techniques of basketball in a safe environment. We encourage all prospective participants to enter at their comfort level and grow their individual skills at their own pace throughout the season. Both male and female participants are welcome! All teams will have a student-athlete assigned as the Head Coach of their team. Student Coaches will be responsible to 'manage' their team while any Adult Volunteer Coach will support their Student Coach with player rotations from the sideline.

For our parents, we seek to keep your weekends free of tangled schedules. Team practice times will occur on the same day as your games, always one hour prior to game time. Practices scheduled outside of this time period (during any day other than game-day) are at the discretion of both the parents and the coaches yet are outside of the Next Level structure and not supported by Next Level Sports.

  • No prior basketball experience is required to participate in the Next Level Basketball Program.
  • All equipment will be provided.
  • It is suggested that all players wear proper basketball or athletic shoes.
  • Uniforms are included in the league registration fees, inclusive of home delivery of your uniform.
  • Our program is community-based, teams are formalized by schoolmates, buddy lists, and friends where possible.
  • All teams will be assigned a Student Mentor Coach from a represented high school or college.

We strive to strike an ideal balance between healthy competition and player/character development. Next Level is always a 'one trophy' league as we believe that recognition for participation is not an effective means of helping develop young athletes. In fact, we believe that many of life's best lessons are learned through struggle, achievement, success and of course disappointment. We strive to foster competition yet to also find balance in the ever-changing world of youth sports.

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