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2022 General Registration - Flag Football

2022 Next Level Flag Football Season - West Jordan

Welcome to the 1st season of Next Level Flag Football in West Jordan at West Jordan High School! We are excited to launch the Next Level Flag Football program with Coach Ron Halbert and his staff from West Jordan High School.

General Registration for all participants will commence on August 1st at 9:00 a.m.

For more information and a general overview of our specific Next Level Flag Football location at West Jordan High School, please review the information below prior to registration!

League Operations

  1. Season Operations: The Next Level Flag Football season in West Jordan will run with 9 program dates over the program schedule.
  2. Game Dates: Games are on Saturdays.
  3. Team Roster Size: Teams are 10 players maximum, limited exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Season Fees: $250.00 (Early Bird Pricing: $195.00 through 10/31) - Fees are inclusive of a participant's custom jersey, shorts, use of flags, and other equipment/offerings.
  5. Optional Player Packs: During the registration process, participants have the option to purchase additional Player Packs upon check out. For the 2022 Next Level Flag Football season, 4 options are available for purchase (see below). Player Pack costs will be added to the base league registration fees at check out. All Player Pack merchandise will be shipped with your participant's Next Level Flag Football uniform - unless otherwise communicated from our team. Sizing verification will be sent via email as your season uniform heads into production!
    • Base Player Pack - $40.00: Nike Long Sleeve Shirt featuring the Next Level Player Logo on the front, participant's last name on the back.
    • Pro Player Pack - $55.00: Nike Team Hoodie (Navy) featuring the Next Level Player Logo on the front, participant's last name on the back.
    • Performance Pack - $60.00: One pair each: Badger Compression Tights (White), Badger Short Sleeve Compression Shirt (White).
    • Baller Player Pack - $135.00: Nike Team Hoodie, Performance Pack (compression) and 'Player Exclusive' Next Level Team Sideline Bag from Nike.

Practice & Game Times

  • Kindergarten/1st Grade - 9:00 AM Practice/10:00 AM Game
  • 2nd Grade - 10:00 AM Practice/11:00 AM Game
  • 3rd Grade - 11:00 AM Practice/12:00 PM Game
  • 4th Grade - 12:00 PM Practice/1:00 PM Game
  • 5th Grade - 1:00 PM Practice/2:00 PM Game
  • 6th/7th Grade - 2:00 PM Practice/3:00 PM Game

*Game and practice times are not final.

Game Schedule

Week 1Saturday, March 19th
Week 2Saturday, March 26th
Week 3Saturday, April 2nd
Week 4Saturday, April 9th
Week 5Saturday, April 23rd
Week 6Saturday, April 30th
Week 7Saturday, May 7th
Week 8Saturday, May 14th
Week 9Saturday, May 21st

All teams will play games through the entire 9-week program schedule regardless of their seeding in the Playoff Weeks.

General Program Operation and Additional Information

Review the general program operations, program information and philosophies of the Next Level Flag Football program - CLICK HERE TO REVIEW

Site Director: Ron Halbert

Coach Halbert has been coaching high school football for 34 years. Coach started his coaching career at the college level and then moved on to high school.

During Coach Halbert's career, he has won two State Championships and participated in several State Semi Final games as a defensive coordinator. When asked why he chose to coach football, he replied "I love coaching this great sport. I love how we can teach these young boys and girls lessons in football that they will be able to use their entire life such as, dedication, sacrifice, teamwork, loyalty, hard work, desire to set goals, reaching goals and just to be great husbands and fathers or wives and mothers."

Coach Halbert is married to a wonderful and incredibly supportive wife, Lisa. Coach has four children and three grandchildren. Coach Halbert's youngest daughter Gracie, 16, is also the Team Manager at West Jordan High School and a great one at that.

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