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Next Level Girls Volleyball @ Modesto Christian HS

2024 VB General Reg

2024 Next Level Volleyball Season - Modesto Christian High School

Join us for our 1st season of Next Level Volleyball in Modesto at Modesto Christian High School! We are excited to get things rolling with our Next Level Sports staff and Coach Katie Kelley.

General Registration is now open for all players.

The Next Level Girls Volleyball program has been developed to provide aspiring volleyball players an opportunity to learn the basic skills and functions of competitive volleyball - at an introductory yet competitive level. Our program is aimed at the youth athlete who has 'some-to-none' exposure/experience with the game of volleyball yet would like to develop the core skills required to participate at a higher level in the future (club, middle school, high school). Our staff is comprised of current high school/club-level volleyball coaches who have taught the game to a wide variety of age groups - both at the more casual level as well as the elite club and elite high school levels. As traditional within Next Level, all teams will be mentored/coached with the assistance of a high school student-athlete involved within the game.

This program is instructionally based yet will contain head-to-head game activity as a secondary focus.

For more information and a general overview of our specific Next Level Volleyball location in Modesto, please review the information below prior to registration!

League Operations

  1. Season Operations: The Next Level Girls Volleyball program at Modesto Christian will run with 8 program dates over the program schedule.
  2. Game Dates: All games/activity are on Sundays (with the exception of Super Bowl Weekend.) Training/games are on the same day - parents need only allocate up to a 1.5 hour window of availability for their child's involvement. (We don't believe in specialization, but we believe in having FUN and being competitive!)
  3. Team Roster Size: Teams are 10 players maximum, limited exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Playing Time: We guarantee equal playing time for all players through constant team rotations via both skill development and game activity.
  5. Season Fees: $285.00 - Fees are inclusive of a participant's custom volleyball uniform and other equipment/offerings. (After 12/14, a $10.00 expedited production and shipping fee will be added to any registrations.)
  6. Optional Player Packs: During the registration process, participants have the option to purchase additional Player Packs upon check out. For the 2024 Next Level Volleyball season, 3 options are available for purchase (see below). Player Pack costs will be added to the base league registration fees at check out. All Player Pack merchandise will be shipped with your participant's Next Level Volleyball uniform - unless otherwise communicated from our team. Sizing verification will be sent via email as your season uniform heads into production!
    • Knee Pads Pack - $25.00: Nike Essential Volleyball Knee Pad.
    • Volleyball Shirt Pack - $40.00: Nike Long Sleeve Dri Fit (Black) featuring the Next Level Volleyball Logo (Gold) on the front, participant's last name on the back.
    • Volleyball Hoodie Pack - $60.00: Nike Fleece Hoodie (Black) featuring the Next Level Volleyball Logo (Gold) on the front, participant's last name on the back.

Facility Overview and Arrival Information

Season Times

  • 4th/5th Grade - 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
  • 6th Grade - 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • 7th/8th Grade - 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Schedules are now final

Program Dates

Week 1Sunday, January 14th
Week 2Sunday, January 21st
Week 3Sunday, January 28th
Week 4Sunday, February 4th
Week 5Saturday, February 10th (SuperBowl Weekend)
Week 6Sunday, February 18th
Week 7Sunday, February 25th
Week 8Sunday, March 3rd

Site Director: Coach Katie Kelley

Coach Katie has had a passion for volleyball as far back as she can remember, asking her aunt to teach her the sport at just five years old. Many backyard after-school lessons for Katie turned into rigorous club competition ages 12 to 17. She also competed, in tandem with club, at both the middle school and high school levels, eventually going on to become a collegiate athlete.

Katie has used her experience as a player to assistant coach high school, and coach club players of all ages. To further her knowledge of the sport from a different perspective, she’s also officiated for Junior Olympic qualifier tournaments as a USA Volleyball referee. Born in Southern California, growing up in Reno, Nevada, attending high school in the Bay Area—her background has given her a broad perspective on the sport, and just on life itself. Coming from a Hawaiian family and culture, her sense of family, community, and intuition naturally reflects in her coaching style.

Coach Katie looks forward to making the volleyball program an integral part of Modesto Christian’s athletics. She will strive to make the sport a building block in students’ lives; one that not only builds them up as an athlete, but also encompasses the necessary tools to live life.

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