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Jan, 2016

Head Coach's Message: Being Human - Daring Greatly

Being Human – Daring Greatly   

One of the most interesting movies I’ve ever seen, one that has stuck with me my whole life is, “Meet Joe Black.” In this movie Joe Black who is the Devil, played by Brad Pitt, has the inevitable task of taking Anthony Hopkins characters life. The movie focuses on Joe Black’s (The Devil) opportunity to take the form of a Human Being who was struck by a bus and died – morbid yes – to learn what life is like on Earth - all that comes with it - prior to accomplishing his mission.   

I loved the concept of watching Joe Black truly enjoy LIVING as a human: Breathing, Tasting, Winning, Losing, Crying, Loving – The movie always reminds me that living is a gift – in good times and bad – and a gift that should never be taken for granted. We all lead busy lives, we all have our successes, we all have our failures. It is inevitable that we will be faced with difficult times in our lives – hopefully we can find the support and grace to guide us through these tough times. 

We also will be faced with opportunities to feel great joy and to love deeply – hopefully we have the vision and the wisdom to never miss these opportunities when presented to us.   We are all Human and we are all Parents. Our children have given us the opportunity to see what life is like through young eyes once again – the innocence is breathtaking – I have loved all phases in my young kids lives so far – the “terrible two’s” were magnificent and I look forward to many more years of learning about myself as a person and a parent through my two boys. Taking it to the bridge….   

I think this is why I love sports so much – Sports offer us as parents and now our children the opportunity to truly live and be human in bursts– the thrill of a championship and the bitter defeat of a loss, always remind me that life is real and is a true gift – there is no numbness in sports. The lessons from these bursts can resonate for a lifetime – for me my most impactful life lessons growing up were from my faith, my parents, and my sports teams. With another season of Next Level Flag Football upon us lets take this time to remember we are all human and enjoy the heck out of the ride!!!!   

Human Beings fail – but hopefully like Teddy Roosevelt once said we can all, “Fail while daring greatly.” (CLICK HERE TO READ "THE MAN IN THE ARENA) Full Disclaimer – our little team at Next Level will fail this season at times– rules won’t be perfect, your roster may not be exactly what you wanted, there will be jersey issues, some of our young Student – Athletes Head Coaches may miss a few weekends, etc. But I can promise you when this happens we will be failing while daring greatly and will do all we can to fix issues and learn from our mistakes.  

Our kids will fail this season – they will drop a pass, miss a flag, throw an interception, fumble a ball etc – Encourage them to also fail while daring greatly! They will also succeed because we will always keep the perspective of learning life’s lesson through sports. Teachable moments are on their way!   

This offseason we have done all we can to bring Next Level Flag Football to as many great communities, with some of the best Football Coaches leading us as Site Director’s as was humanly possible. We did so because we truly LOVE seeing your children live and learn through youth sports and through the best game in the world – football.   

On behalf of the Next Level Management Team, Our Board of Directors (CLICK HERE TO SEE PICS OF OUR TEAM), and all of our Site Directors we truly hope you enjoy this Next Level Flag Football season as much as we enjoy hosting it.   It’s always time to truly live, but now it is officially time to Step Up to the Next Level.  

For those of you brave readers, thank you for getting this far,   

Coach Patrick Walsh 
Next Level Flag Football
[email protected] 

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