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Sep, 2016

Parity at Next Level

Next Level Community,

Now that we are keeping score and striving for a “Trophy” I encourage all of us to keep the purpose of Youth Sports/Next Level in perspective. I have posted about this in the past: READ HERE if interested.   

We understand that lopsided games occur. At Next Level we have chosen to roster teams while “Building Community.” We strongly believe that playing with our friends trumps drafts and ranking based leagues. We believe this is the best way to build a youth sports league. What if a team is dominant? Could it lead to lopsided games?  The answer is, “Yes.”   

My response to changing our philosophy/culture at Next Level is this:  “There is no perfect Youth Sports League.” No league has nailed down the parity issue. My son played in AYSO “Ranking Based” league and won 10-1 this weekend. My other son played in a Little League “Draft” based league and won one game last season and got crushed almost every game. Because of this we turn back to “We build Community.”   

Another question we should ask ourselves, “Is Parity Mandatory?”Maybe it’s ok not to have parity. As a High School Football Coach @ De La Salle and Serra for the past 20 years I’ve lived all outcomes possible on the scoreboard - I have felt all of the joy of Championships, the pain of a close loss, and the embarrassment of a lopsided loss.  There are life lessons in all scenarios. The trick is to look at them all as the blessing of participating in team sports. 

Our children aren’t always going to be on the best team, with the best players and the best coach. At Next Level, we prefer 33-32 thrillers, but that simply is not going to happen every week.We encourage you to seek the life lessons that can be taught through winning and losing.  

Thank you for being a part of Next Level Sports!!!

Coach Patrick Walsh
Next Level Sports

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